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Labeling – Laser marking

Engraving, tempering, industrial- and product marking

Product labeling

With the marking of our and/or your products we secure primarily the traceability of these for the quality assurance. But also markings which simplify the handling of the product e.g. a pin assignment, serial numbers or logos are possible without any problems.

With our powerful fiber laser, we can mark metals of all kinds. Whether simple marking, engraving or even annealing marking on steels. Most plastics can also be marked

We are also happy to mark as a service provider for you, please use our contact form for inquiries.

PMI – Positive material inspection

Metal incoming goods inspection alloy analysis, PMI, Coating

PMI – Positive material inspection

Analysis of alloys, positive material inspection/PMItests and traceability are crucial when it comes to metallurgy, semi-finished goods, products or distribution.
Mixing up materials can lead to considerable economic damages, harm a company’s reputation and in the worst case, even cost lives. With today’s focus on comprehensive quality management, ISO-standards and the need for a 100% definite analysis, quality control and material inspection are getting more and more demanding.

The Material Database

All NITON analysers contain an integrated material database, which shows the material name of the alloy on the display.

Typical Applications

The NITON analysers are nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment. Typical elements can be analyzed in a wide variety of alloys:
• Chrome steels, stainless steels, NCT
• Chromium-Molybdenum Steels
• Low-alloyed steels
• Tool steels
• Nickel, cobalt-based alloys
• Copper, brass and bronze alloys
• Titanium alloys

Are the certificates correct?

Certificates can be wrong, materials can be mistaken. However, processing, durability, chemical resistance and safety depend decisively on whether the right material has been delivered and used. To avoid expensive recall actions or product liability, testing with mobile NITON devices is a cost – saving precaution.

Analysis of Mg, Al, Si, P, S

The models XL2 air, XL3 air and XL3 hybrid analyze the “light elements” without helium purging or vacuum:
• Mg and Si in aluminum alloys
• Al and Si in copper alloys
• 1.4845 / 1.4841 with Si around 1.5%
• Monel steels (e.g., Al in Monel 500)
• lowest levels of e.g. Cu, Nb, Sn, Pb, As, Te (100-300 ppm)
• Differentiation of pure aluminum from Al Mg
• Phosphorus in bronzes
• Differentiation of 1.4564 / 1.4310 (17-7PH / 301) with 1% Al
• Differentiation 1.4305 from 1.4301 (303/304) and 1.4006 from 1.4005 (410/416) by 0.1 – 0.3% S

Typical applications “light elements”

• Mg, Si in aluminum alloys
• Al in titanium and zinc alloys
• Al, Si in bronze and magnesium alloys
• P in bronzes
• Super alloys and special steels
• Al in Monel K500 and Si in Nitronic 60
• Si and P in cast iron
• Si in transformer steel
• Phosphate detection
• Mg, Al, Si, P in minerals
• Color pigments, ceramics, clay, glass

Mobile QS – in laboratory quality

With portable XL2 and XL3 devices, materials can be inspected in a matter of seconds directly on-site – whether during unloading, in the incoming goods, in the warehouse, in processing or at the supplier or customer. The quality assurance procedure (QC) of analyticon always returns the calibration to the customer’s certified standards and reference materials. For this purpose, a certificate for the factory calibration can be issued.

We produce a variety of different types of sensors, probes and measuring systems for temperature measurement.