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Temperature sensors

In our assortment you will find high-quality wire-wound laboratory glass resistance thermometers, ceramic, glass and foil RTDs as well as thin-film RTDs and much more.

Temperature sensors register reliably the temperature, for example in process technology, electronics, life science, building management and energy production, as well as in household appliances and automotives.

Cooling-, kitchen- and food technology

In our assortment you will find high-quality probes for the cooling and kitchen measuring technology. These include frozen food probes, oven probes, penetration probes (special core temperature probes) and much more.

In addition, we produce food sensors that meet the FDA standard for the food and beverage industry. Our products are characterized by short response times and highest accuracy.

Resistance thermometers /
Mineral insulated resistance thermometers

We manufacture measuring inserts and complete thermometers in standard fittings and in special versions with special tolerances for the temperature measurement of liquids and gases in containers, pipelines and apparatus. Temperature measurement is also possible on surfaces. Miniature encapsulation probes are available with and without connection cable. Our products can be produced in designs for different climate classes.

Thermo­couples /
Mineral insulated thermocouples

 Thermocouples are used for temperature measurement in pipelines, containers, flue gas ducts, furnaces and hardened baths. We produce versions as measuring inserts, with ceramic and stainless steel protective tubes, with mounting and installation fittings. Special versions with precious metal protection tube for glass melting with installation lengths up to 2000 mm are also possible.

Building services engineering

Humidity temperature probes are used for temperature and relative humidity measurement in air both indoors and outdoors.

Especially for building automation we offer temperature and humidity probes for room, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

With our 1- Wire silo probes, continuous quality monitoring of organic materials in silos is possible.

CNC turning and milling parts /
Electric heatings

Among other things, we offer CNC turning, milling and deep-hole drilling parts / rotating parts for mechanical engineering, pneumatics and hydraulics, the printing and paper industry, aviation, plant engineering, as well as electrical and automotive engineering.

Our electric heaters are used in medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and also in Mechanical Engineering.

Temperature probes with ATEX approval
(explosion-proof probes)

Our ATEX certified temperature probes are used in chemical, petrochemical, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as oil and gas extraction, in the windings of high-voltage motors, on bearings, pipes, vehicles and wind turbines.

Wireless measurement technology

Using this innovative sensor technology, it is possible to design wireless monitoring systems, e.g. as core temperature probes for ovens; as well as for stationary and moving (transversal, rotational) measuring objects. Wireless, battery-free and passive, for example, temperature, pressure and force measurement is evaluated. Our devices are robust, pressure-resistant, aging-resistant and resistant to oils and fats.

Pressure measurement technology

Our pressure transmitters can measure the relative or absolute pressure in different measuring ranges. They work with a digital characteristic correction so that a high accuracy is achieved, even in case of temperature changes.


In addition to our listed products, we offer transmitters, screw-in fittings, flanges, protective tubes, connection heads, connection bases, holding and neck tubes from different materials, in a variety of dimensions and designs.

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of our products, we test the current production on a sample basis or, if required, on a product-specific basis in our measuring laboratory, which is comprehensively equipped with modern equipment.